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Welcome to North America Nature Photography!
Previously known as Alaska's Nature, I decided to expand my photography and add the entire North America region. Although Alaska will always be where my heart is, I wanted to share every bit of what North America has to offer! From abundant wildlife, to majestic mountains and glaciers. Every day is something new and beautiful and I love sharing it with the world!
All Photographs and videos ©Talitha D'Andrea
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Guestbook for North America Nature Photography
Aunt Clara(non-registered)
As always, Talitha, you have outdone yourself again. You are such a talented photographer and artist. Keep up the beautiful work. Love to you and your family.
Mike from PC, UT(non-registered)
Wow! Now I appreciate the benefits of bear spray better! Great shots!
North America Nature Photography
Thank you all for stopping by and for all the wonderful comments! You are all very much appreciated! :)
Regis Pappert(non-registered)
I enjoy photographing as well. Photographing Alaska's outdoors, especially brown bears. Really enjoyed your brown bear photos! The Alaska "fun facts" page is so informative. I didn't know Alaska has more than 50% of the world's glaciers. Thanks.
Rhonda Musgrove(non-registered)
Beautiful site - your photography is breathtaking =)