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Some of my favorite Alaskan recipes:

Most of these recipes are made with natural resources here in Alaska and are some of my favorite recipes I have learned to make since I've moved here.  The Peppermint White Chocolate Latte, however, has helped me get through the long winters . Hope you enjoy!
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 Streusel-topped Blueberry Muffins:

Our favorite Autumn family activity is blueberry picking, and these muffins are delicious with wild Alaskan blueberries.
My kids LOVE these!


Blueberry Muffins



Smoked Salmon Mousse:

Why the fancy name? It’s rich, but the consistency is a little lighter than many spreads. It uses cream instead of mayonnaise, and a fair dose of lemon juice. Many salmon spreads suggest one part salmon to two parts cream cheese, resulting in a smoked salmon flavored cheese spread. That’s okay for folks down south spending a fortune on smoked salmon, but Alaskans can generally up the salmon content a bit. The preparation takes about ten minutes with a food processor, a little more with a blender.




Peppermint White Chocolate Latte

A delicious treat to enjoy in winter or summer!  





Alaskan Wild Berry Jelly

A simple recipe for a delicious mixed berry jelly!

Wild Berry Jelly


Fireweed Jelly

A delicious jelly made from Fireweed petals (a wildflower that grows here in Alaska). Taste as sweet as honey!

You can also use this recipe with Lilac Petals.





 Raspberry Vanilla Marinade & Grilled Salmon with Key Lime Butter

Here are two of my favorite summertime recipes.




Halibut Ceviche Salad:

A light, yet very delicious appetizer. Your guests will love you for this one!


Dandelion Honey

One of my favorite treats that I add to my tea is Dandelion Honey.

It has a warm and soothing taste that is wonderful on cold days.



Summer Solstice Watermelon Mojito

Celebrating the summer solstice with friends and family? This is a great drink recipe to share and enjoy!