North America Nature Photography | Life Lessons Learned

This is it! This is the month I leap into the big FOUR ZERO- I can’t believe how fast time has flown by and how many things I have learned on my journey. Usually for my children’s birthdays I make a video for them with pictures of how they have grown physically, but this is my birthday coming up so I made a different kind of video. This is a video for my children of what I’ve learned on my journey through life; My spiritual journey, and a few of my most important lessons I’ve learned. I wanted to pass them on so that one day they can look back at this in their journey as a guide or a comfort. A way for them to know that everyone has a different journey, but there will always be lessons to learn. Into every life there will be happiness, sadness, humor, hardships, friendships, hurt, comfort, forgiveness, but most of all, love.